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What is the Millard Core Knowledge Program?

The Core Knowledge Program is a K-5 program of choice offered by Millard. Students are challenged through a in-depth and swiftly-paced curriculum which develops higher-level thinking skills.  The teacher-directed environment establishes high expectations through whole-group learning, and fosters analytical thinking.  The Millard Core Knowledge Academy provides cultural literacy through a sequential and challenging curriculum rooted in the E.D. Hirsch Core Knowledge Sequence and philosophy.  Our program develops rich reading and writing skills through the use of Spalding, Phonics, and Shurley Grammar.  The Core Knowledge Academy at Cather is recognized as a Core Knowledge Program School of Distinction.

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What is the philosophy of the Millard Core Knowledge Program?

This mini-magnet program contains components that will enrich and strengthen your child’s academic and cultural growth.  The Core Knowledge curriculum covers advanced topics that are typically not covered in a traditional public school setting.

The Millard Core Knowledge Program was initiated by parents driven by a vision of a teacher-directed environment enriched with a back-to-basics program.  It is not a remedial or gifted program.  Instead it is a program that provides a rigorous, challenging, and swift-paced curriculum for all students.  The program is rooted in the E.D. Hirsch sequence and philosophy.  Parent support is essential to student success.

What curriculum is used in the Millard Core Knowledge Program?
  • Core Knowledge Sequence for Science
  • E.D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge Sequence forms the basis for all  curricular areas 
  • Spalding phonograms and phonics (K - 4th grade); Greek and Latin (5th Grade)
  • Shurley Grammar  (Grades 1 - 5)
  • Math - During the 2023-24 school year, Cather is piloting new math programs for potential adoption in 2024-25

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What does a Millard Core Knowledge Classroom look like?

·      Classroom instruction is directed by the teacher

·      Self-contained classrooms

·      Students are expected to follow school and classroom rules

·      Homework is assigned regularly

Is the Millard Core Knowledge Program the same as Common Core?

No, the Millard Core Knowledge Program is not associated with Common Core.  

Common Core is a set of academic standards in mathematics and English language arts that define what a student should learn by the end of each school year in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Many states have adopted the Common Core. The state of Nebraska has not.

Millard Core Knowledge Program is a curricular based program based on research done by E.D. Hirsch and the Core Knowledge Foundation. Our school has included the Spalding literacy program and Shurley program.  Each program is based on a logical sequence that systematically moves a student towards success.

Why should my family choose the Millard Core Knowledge Program?

The Core Knowledge Program is not a remedial program, nor is it a gifted program. It is simply a choice for parents to make regarding their child's education.  Does it fit all children? No.  As with any program, unless the parent, teacher and child desire to work at success, there will be only mediocre or minor progress.  The strength of this program is found in this three-fold (parent, teacher, and child) cooperative effort. All understand that to learn, one must practice. Parents desire choice in education; the Millard Core Program offers one such choice.

Your child will be enthusiastic about learning as our rigorous curriculum unfolds. A student entering the Core Knowledge Program is eager and ready to learn, self-reliant, and curious.  He/she can recall facts, demonstrate self-control over emotions and actions, communicate thoughts and feelings verbally, accept and respond appropriately to all directions, show respect to adults, and learn with the whole group. 

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