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What is the Millard Core Knowledge Academy?

The Core Knowledge Academy is a K-5 program of choice offered by Millard. Students are challenged through a in-depth and swiftly-paced curriculum which develops higher-level thinking skills.  The teacher-directed environment establishes high expectations through whole-group learning, and fosters analytical thinking.  The Millard Core Knowledge Academy provides cultural literacy through a sequential and challenging curriculum rooted in the E.D. Hirsch Core Knowledge Sequence and philosophy.  Our program develops rich reading and writing skills through the use of Spalding, Phonics, and Shurley Grammar.  The Core Knowledge Academy at Cather is recognized as a Core Knowledge Program School of Distinction.

Description of Millard Core Knowledge Program at Cather

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Is the Millard Core Knowledge Academy the same as Common Core?

No, the Millard Core Academy is not associated with Common Core.  

Common Core is a set of academic standards in mathematics and English language arts that define what a student should learn by the end of each school year in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Many states have adopted the Common Core. The state of Nebraska has not.

Millard Core Academy is a curricular based program based on research done by E.D. Hirsch and the Core Knowledge Foundation. Our school has included the Spalding literacy program and Shurley program.  Each program is based on a logical sequence that systematically moves a student towards success

How is the Millard Core Knowledge Academy different than other schools?

The Millard Core Knowledge Academy is a K-5 program that combines state and district standards with the Core Knowledge curriculum.  The Core Knowledge curriculum is content-rich and comprehensive. Topics spiral throughout grade levels and are taught across all curricular content areas which deepens student understanding and background knowledge.

How do I find out more about the Millard Core Knowledge Academy?

You can visit the Millard Core Knowledge Academy information page


call and ask about our information nights or schedule a tour, 402-715-1315.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Millard Core Knowledge Academy? We have answers! Look through these questions first, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, check out our information page or call 402-715-1315 to ask about our Core Knowledge information nights.


Willa Cather Elementary guarantees students will demonstrate high achievement and academic growth by providing diverse and innovative learning opportunities designed to actively engage and challenge all students. Willa Cather’s Core Knowledge Academy, a distinctive learning community, provides a safe and caring environment committed to developing responsible citizenship and character in our global society.