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The Core Knowledge Academy was Awarded the Core Knowledge School of Distinction in 2015.  

  The Core Knowledge Academy is a program of choice offered by Millard. Students are challenged through a rigorous and   swiftly-paced curriculum which develops higher-level thinking skills.  The teacher-directed environment establishes high expectations through whole-group learning, and fosters analytical thinking.  The Millard Core Knowledge Academy provides cultural literacy through a sequential and challenging curriculum rooted in the E.D. Hirsch Core Knowledge Sequence and philosophy.  Our program develops rich reading and writing skills through the use of Spalding, Phonics, and Shurley Grammar.  The Core Knowledge Academy at Cather is recognized as a Core Knowledge Program School of Distinction.

Core Knowledge School of Distinction

The Core Knowledge Foundation recognizes The Millard Core Knowledge Academy at Cather as an Official Core School. This recognition was first awarded by the Core Knowledge Foundation in 1997. Any school recognized as an Official Core Knowledge School meets the high standards set forth by the Foundation.  The Millard Core Academy at Cather is one of the first 17 schools to receive this official status.

In 2015, the Millard Core Knowledge Academy at Cather was awarded the Core Knowledge Distinguished Honor Award for collaborative planning in conjunction with its official status. Schools of Distinction are recognized by the Core Knowledge Foundation as offering a superior educational experience. We are one of only eight schools in the U.S. who have achieved this level of excellence.