Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBiS) is an evidence-based, data-informed process that works 
to increase student achievement, school attendance, and school success while decreasing challenging student behaviors.  By using a systemic approach to incorporating all students, staff, parents, and settings PBiS can 
create safer and more effective schools.  Best of all, PBiS is proven to work.  - Nebraska PBiS website

For more information, please visit the Nebraska PBIS Page at https://www.npbis.org/

The school has four major expectations for all students.
Take Responsibility
Exhibit Kindness
Always be Safe
Model Respect

Focus Areas:

Playground Expectations        

Lunch Room Expectations

Lunch Room Expectations 2016

Assembly Expectations

Playground Expectations 2016

Hallway Expectations

Bathroom Expectations