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Second Grade Overview

Language Arts in Second Grade
Second graders continue in their learning of decoding and reading single and multi-syllable words in order to become automatic and fluent readers.  They move away from phonetic spelling and are able to write several different kinds of text.  Classroom studies center on: poetry, fiction, Ancient Greek myths, and American folk and tall tales.

World History and Geography in Second Grade
Second grade students expand their study of geography to include place, region, location, human and physical characteristics.  This will move into a general study of Early Civilizations of Asia focusing on Japan, China, and India as well as the Tigris, Euphrates, and Ganges Rivers.  Topics studied in history will mirror the geographical studies done at this grade level.  In addition to the topics above, second graders explore the War of 1812 as well as U.S. symbols and a discussion of the Civil War.

Mathematics in Second Grade
By second grade, students secure mastery of one-digit addition and subtraction facts as well as counting by twos, five, and tens.  They will learn to recognize, count to and write numbers to 1,000, write amounts of money, and recognize basic fractions.  They will also learn how to measure segments.  

Science in Second Grade
The study of seasonal, life, and water cycles will expand in second grade.  They will also learn more about the digestive and excretory system.  Second graders will also learn about magnetic forces and about the six simple machines.

Music in Second Grade
Music in second grade continues with active practice with rhythm, melody, and harmony.  They will be exposed to several composers: Saint-Saens, Vivaldi, Chavez, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Bach.  They will also begin to analyze music.

The Visual Arts in Second Grade
Second grade continues the study of the art elements, centering on the element of line, both real and implied. This element of art will be studied through sculpture, landscapes and architecture.


*This and additional information on the second grade curriculum can be found in What Every Second Grader Needs to Know edited by  E.D. Hirsch Jr and the Core Knowledge Teacher Handbook edited by E. D. Hirsch and Souzanne Wright.