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Fourth Grade Overview

Language Arts in Fourth Grade
In previous years, students were learning to read. The focus of reading in fourth grade changes to reading to learn.  All reading selections in fourth grade focus on world literature.  This includes: fiction, poetry, speeches, folktales, myths, and novels.  Selections support and mirror the history of Europe in the Middle Ages.


World History and Geography in Fourth Grade
Fourth grade students move into studying longitude and latitude as well as map skills.  Their focus on geography is to reinforce their historical studies.  The scope of their studies span the history of Europe, the Roman Empire, the Christian Church as a cultural force, world religions, China, and the American Revolution and early presidents.  

Mathematics in Fourth Grade
In math, fourth grade students will learn to multiply and divide two-digit numbers, simplify fractions and write decimals as fractions.  They will also examine numbers and number sense, fractions and decimals, money, measurement and geometry. 

Science in Fourth Grade
The study of the human body will expand in fourth grade to include the circulatory and respiratory system.  Other areas include: matter, electricity, meteorology, and a study of the Earth’s layers. 

Music in Fourth Grade
Music in fourth grade continues with active practice through singing and knowledge of orchestra instruments.  This year they will explore new composers, Handel, Hayden, and Mozart, and learn songs associated with the U.S. armed forces and other events in U.S. History.

The Visual Arts in Fourth Grade
The visual arts in fourth grade centers on the areas of historical study.  Areas central to this are art of the Middle Ages, art and architecture of Islam, traditional African art, and the art of China. 


*This and additional information on the fourth grade curriculum can be found in What Every Fourth Grader  Needs to Know edited by  E.D. Hirsch Jr and the Core Knowledge Teacher Handbook edited by E. D. Hirsch and Souzanne Wright.