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First Grade Overview

Language Arts in First Grade
Since students at this level understand more of what they hear than through written text, the focus of Language Arts in first grade is to expose the students to conversational and literature-based language.  Daily read-a-louds are encouraged followed by rich conversations that allow practice for comparing, analyzing, and synthesizing ideas from the text.  Literature genres incorporate fables, poems, and stories.

World History and Geography in First Grade
In first grade, student’s studies are meant to foster curiosity about the world.  Geographic knowledge helps them develop a special recognition of the world around them. The topics in first grade build an awareness of spatial sense and life’s physical process, the interactions between humans and environment, and an awareness between place, region, and culture.

Mathematics in First Grade
Math in first grade is an opportunity to create a sound understanding of basic facts and become fluent with basic operations.  This will be done through incremental review and steady practice.

Science in First Grade
A child’s development in first grade science centers around asking questions, seeking answers, collecting observations, and looking at their findings about nature. They will study: living things and their environments, the human body, matter, astronomy, the earth, and electricity.

Music in First Grade
Music in first grade builds on content with active practice through singing, clapping rhythms, and playing instruments as well as some focus on musical concepts, terms and composers. 
The Visual Arts in First Grade
The visual arts in first grade centers on the elements of art: line, shape, form, space, light, texture, and color.


*This and additional information on the first grade curriculum can be found in What Every First Grader Needs to Know edited by  E.D. Hirsch Jr. and Core Knowledge Teacher Handbook edited by E. D. Hirsch and Souzanne Wright.