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FIfth Grade Overview

Language Arts in Fifth Grade
Language Arts in fifth grade centers around poems, stories, and sayings.  The key goal is to emphasize building nonfiction background knowledge in a logical way.  This is accomplished by integrating the topics from history, science, and arts into the language arts classroom. 

World History and Geography in Fifth Grade
The World History and Geography Sequence in fifth grade draws attention to the story of history.  It focuses on how people change and adapt to natural environments.  The topics in fifth grade build on the topics in fourth and are complimented by readings done within the Language Arts curriculum.

Mathematics in Fifth Grade
Fifth grade is an opportunity to examine essential math topics, including: number sense, ratios and percentages, fractions, decimals, multiplication, long division, measurement, geometry, probability, and statistics, and pre-algebra. 
Science in Fifth Grade
In fifth grade, children will be introduced to chemistry and atoms.  They will also study: the classification of living things, cells, plants, life cycles, the human body, and the physical changes they experience as they enter adolescence.  Biographies are also a part of science studies in fifth grade. 

Music in Fifth Grade
Music in fifth grade builds on what students have learned about musical notation.  It introduces African-American spirituals as well as some vocabulary, symbols, and concepts that will help with their understanding of music. 

Visual Arts in Fifth Grade
The visual arts in fifth grade centers on the areas of historical study.  Areas central to this are the art of the Renaissance, Japan, and nineteenth-century America.


*This and additional information on the fifth grade curriculum can be found in What Every Fifth Grader  Needs to Know edited by  E.D. Hirsch Jr. and Core Knowledge Teacher Handbook edited by E. D. Hirsch and Souzanne Wright.