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Cather Carnival Sign Up

posted Apr 5, 2017, 9:53 PM by Diana Weis
Time to start signing up for the carnival, which is May 6th from 4-7.

Please consider volunteering your time for the carnival in order to make this a success. PTO uses all of the funds from the carnival to help with field trips, our art teacher, staff appreciation, assemblies, etc.  


Redemption Table - 

Silent Auction - 

Food Table 

Ticket Sales - 

Pre-Sale Tickets - 

Potato Sack Races. 

 Basketball -

Face painting -

Craft Table

Treasure Chest -

Drink Walk -

Fishing Game 

Bowling Game



Classroom Games- 

5th Grade- 


Mrs. Weis-

Mrs. DeRoy-


4th. Grade- 

 Mr. Zadina-

Mrs. Kavan-

Mrs. Christensen-


3rd grade-

Mrs. Wicks-

Ms. Solberg-

Ms. Silva-


2nd. Grade- 

Mrs. Shepard-

Mrs. Hubbard-

Mrs. Beck-


1st. Grade- 

Mrs. Warren-

Mrs. Rodenbiker-




Mrs. Zweedyk- 

Mrs. Neilsen-

Mrs. Moustakes-