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History of the Millard Core Academy at Cather

The Millard Core Academy at Cather is an option enrollment program offered by the Millard Public Schools.  It was initiated by parents who were driven by a vision of a back-to-the-basics program. It offers a structured-school environment.  Their vision was approved by the Millard Board of Education in 1995.

The Core Knowledge Sequence consists of a body of widely used knowledge placed into the curriculum in a coherent and sequential design. This spiral includes history and geography, science and health, music, visual arts, and language arts (poetry, idioms, reading, writing, and grammar). Use of this sequence allows students to establish a solid foundation to build upon. There are four essential components to the Millard Core Academy at Cather: the Core Knowledge Sequence, Spalding, Shurley Grammar, and Saxon Math. Each component incorporates district and state requirements while meeting the expectations of the Core Knowledge foundation.

Millard Core Academy Curriculum includes:
  • The Core Knowledge Teacher Sequence (K-5) developed by E.D. Hirsch includes the framework for all other subject areas including Unit Studies, Core Sayings (idioms), Poetry Recitations, Novels, Core Music, and Art.  An emphasis on the cultural arts is also included in this sequence. 

  • Spalding is a systematic phonetic program which teaches sound symbol relationships, spelling, writing and reading.  

  • Shurley Grammar Program 

  • Saxon Mathematics

  • McCall-Crabbs

  • Open Court (Imagine it!)  Reading Series

  • Core Classic Novels - (3rd through 5th)

  • Greek and Latin - (5th Grade)